Any Occasion Yountville

Livery Sedan 4 Pass. Rental

6 Hours

from $299

Any Occasion Yountville

Livery SUV 6 Pass. Rental

6 Hours

from $399

Any Occasion Yountville

72 inch stretch 6 Pass. Rental

6 Hours

from $369

Any Occasion Yountville

100 inch stretch 8 Pass. Rental

6 Hours

from $429

Any Occasion Yountville

120 inch stretch 8 Pass. Rental

6 Hours

from $479

Any Occasion Yountville

Lexus LS 460L 4 Pass. Rental

6 Hours

from $399

Welcome to Yountville CA Limousine Services transportation!

In the heart of the Napa Valley lies a quaint California town. Yountville is located in the lush and beautiful heart of the Napa Valley surrounded by the incredible flora and majestic mountains. If there is one place in the Napa Valley that you must see Yountville is definitely it. Besides the incredible natural landscape there are many sights and destinations in this small Napa Valley town. Known for it’s delicious and world class gourmet restaurants Yountville is a destination comprised of some of California’s best restaurants. World renowned chef Thomas Keller owns and operates two restaurants in Yountville, the famous French Laundary and the up and coming Ad Hoc. There are many other world class restaurants to choose from with many receiving high marks from the well respected Michelin Guide. After a long day of wine tasting throughout the Napa Valley there is no better place to end your day than in Yountville – the heart, soul and stomach of the Napa Valley. For residents as well as visitors of this Napa Valley town we at Apex Transportation are happy to offer exquisite, elegant and reliable luxury transportation services for prices you can afford. There is no better way to experience all that Yountville and the surrounding areas have to offer than with Apex Transportation.

At Apex Transportation we offer the best luxury transportation services in all of Northern California. No matter what the occasion we have a vehicle that will fit your needs perfectly. Our fleet of limos, stretch limousines and sedans is the best in the market. If you are looking for a smooth yet intimate ride than our sleek black sedans will do just the trick. If you want something mid-range to large we have a wide array of limousines and stretch limos to choose from. All of our limousines are equipped with state of the art furnishings and technologies. Our limos have the most luxurious leather seating alongside a full bar and a surround sound system with an Ipod attachment to give you and your party control over the sound system the entire time. If you are looking for something a little bit bigger and even more luxurious we have just what you are looking for our new yet extremely popular luxury SUVs. These vehicles are a client favorite and will provide arguably the smoothest ride possible in a luxury vehicle. All of our vehicles are driven by professional and experienced chauffeurs. Our drivers take their profession seriously and always provide the best in safety and accommodation. With clean driving records we guarantee that our chauffeurs will do everything possible to ensure a safe trip the entire time. With a commitment to our clients our drivers also do everything they can to accommodate your needs every step of the way – whether a last minute route/destination change or the need to stop somewhere along the way our drivers will help make your experience truly yours. With a commitment to elegance our chauffeurs always dress in the best tuxedos to ensure that the atmosphere is as luxurious as the seating inside. With Apex Transportation you get the best in the business every single time. For residence and visitors of Yountville, CA we offer our services for any occasion however we specialize in Napa Valley wine country tours and Bay Area airport transportation.

With Yountville in the middle of the Napa Valley there is no better way to experience the bounty of world class wines in the immediate area than with the luxurious services of Apex Transportation. With a plethora of wineries to choose from – both large corporate enterprises and small family owned wineries – there are destinations for all kinds of people. The area has natural settings that are as majestic as the wines themselves. Between the crisp chardonnays and robust pinots, the wines of the Napa Valley are award winning and delicious. The Northern California setting is perfect for wine production and has a Mediterranean climate that cannot be matched anywhere else in the United States. It is important to experience this world class destination with world class wines in luxury and comfort. No matter where you want to go in the Napa Valley we will get you there in comfort and style. If you have never been on a winery tour we will gladly customize an itinerary for you so you can experience the best of the Napa Valley. With many years of experience our drivers and staff know the ins and outs of the Napa Valley and will make sure you see the best of the best. With Apex Transportation you not only will never get lost but will always discover the hidden secrets that make the Napa Valley as magical as it is.

For residents and visitors of Yountville we also offer airport transportation to the major Bay Area airports: San Francisco International (SFO), Oakland International (OAK) and Oakland International (OAK). Our transfer rates are the best in Northern California and we promise to make your traveling as stress free and relaxing as possible. We offer curbside pick up at all of the airports for no extra charge. We also, for a small extra fee, offer baggage claim pick up where we will assist you with your luggage and meet you in the baggage claim. We understand that traveling can be very stressful and driving to or from the airport adds an extra dimension to that. However at Apex Transportation we promise to handle all of the extra stress for you. With an attention to detail our staff is constantly keeping updated on flight times and we promise to never leave you waiting or make you late for a flight. When using our services you can rest assured that you will always get where you need to go on time, every time.

With a commitment to luxury, reliability and excellence Apex Transportation is the best name in luxury transportation in Northern California. For any occasion or event you can imagine please give us a call. There is a reason we are the best year in and year out throughout the Napa Valley. For all the residents and visitors of Yountville there is no better option for luxury transportation than Apex – we promise.

Limousine Service in Yountville, CA


Yountville,Ca limousine/sedan (up to 4 pass.) transfer services

To/From SFO

rom $199 +13 %( fuel/license/tolls/parking) +20 %( gratuity)

Yountville,Ca limousine/sedan (up to 4 pass.) transfer services

To/From OAK

from $189 +13 %( fuel/license/tolls/parking) +20 %( gratuity)

Yountville,Ca limousine/sedan (up to 4 pass.) transfer services To/From SJC

To/From SJC

from $239 +13 %( fuel/license/tolls/parking) +20 %( gratuity)


For SUV (up to 6-pass.)

Add $20(for SFO)

Add $15(for OAK)

Add $25(for SJC)

For Stretch Limo (up to 6-pass.)

Add $30(for SFO)

Add $20(for OAK)

Add $35(for SJC)

For Stretch Limo (up to 8-pass.)

Add $40(for SFO)

Add $30(for OAK)

Add $45(for SJC)


Baggage Claim Greeting Domestic Arrivals

Add $10.00

Baggage Claim Greeting International Arrivals

Add $25.00

Early/Late charges apply between 11PM – 6:00 AM

Add $25.00

Waiting time charges apply after 15 min – time is charged per vehicle type’s hourly rate.

Extra time (waiting time) charges will apply after the first 15 minutes of prearranged time described on the run sheet on airport departures, point to point transfers, and after 60 min(waiting time) on airport arrivals after flight has landed.

*Some Restriction Apply.